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Dog Trainer in Seattle, WA

Trust the expert obedience trainers from Canine Behavior Center, Inc. of Redmond, Washington, for basic and advanced obedience training lessons. Backed by more than 30 years of experience, we have an in-depth understanding of the problems dogs living in an urban society have and the complexity of those relationships that develop between dogs and their families.


Basic Class

Designed to teach you to communicate with your dog, our basic class teaches your canine what's expected of him or her, including self-control in the face of distractions. The eight-week obedience training class teaches hand signals and voice commands, and is only $130.00.  Included with this class is a 2-hour Problem solving seminar where behavior problems are also addressed.

Simply sign the Basic Obedience Class Agreement to register your pup for the lesson. Please note: all puppies may begin training after they have recieved their third set of vaccinations.

Happy, obedient dog who has received dog training in Seattle, WA


• Heel
• Leave it
• Sit & Stay
• Down
• Come
• Down Stay

• Stand
• Come from a Distance
• Down from a Distance


Advanced Class

Enhance your dog's obedience training experience further with this five-week course, which is only $85. During the lessons, you will continue teaching your dog the concept of off-leash obedience. We'll also accommodate specially designed commands, as desired by each class member. Off-leash commands include:
• Off-Leash Heel, Stay, & Come
• Out-of-Sight Stay & Come
• Drop-on the Recall • The Finish


All dogs enrolling in our advanced class are required to have attended a basic obedience training class. You must also sign the Advanced Obedience Class Agreement.

In-Home Training

For your convenience, in-home and private obedience training sessions are available, and tailored to your needs. From addressing behavioral problems to mastering basic obedience, we'll do anything you need to make your dog the perfect pet.

Basic & Advanced Agility

Agility training is enjoyable for both the dogs and their owners alike. The class gives dogs confidence as they master the challenges presented, as well as enhances their relationship with you.

Finally, agility training creates an atmosphere to continue training that's rewarding. All dogs enrolling in our $85, five-week course are required to have basic obedience. You must also sign the Agility Class Agreement.

Contact us to enroll your dog for obedience training with our professionals.

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