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Care for Your Canine with Dog Obedience Classes in Seattle, Wa

The dates listed below are "starting dates" for the classes.  Seminar dates and times are also listed.  Dates when no classes will be held are noted below as well.  If you would like to enroll in a series of classes, please call to verify current space availability for the starting date you prefer. Be sure to fill out the appropriate class agreement and bring it with you to the first night of class.  The balance of the class fee is payable the first session.
The Basic Obedience course includes nine sessions.  Eight one-hour classes (one per week on the same day at the same time each week), plus one two-hour seminar.  The Advanced Obedience classes and all Agility classe are five-week courses. We accept checks or cash only.

Monday in Seattle / Phinney

September 5      NO CLASSES
September 12    8:30 pm-Advanced Obedience
October 3           NO CLASSES
October 17         7:15 pm-Basic Obedience
October 24         8:30 pm-Advanced Obedience
October 31         NO CLASSES

Tuesday in Seattle / Phinney

August 30         8:30 pm-Basic Obedience
September 13  7:15 pm-Basic Obedience
October 4         NO CLASSES
October 18       SEMINAR: 7:00 pm-9:15 pm
November 8     8:30 pm-Basic Obedience

 Wednesday in Mill Creek


August 24         8:30 pm-Basic Obedience                      
September 7     7:15 pm-Basic Obedience
October 5         6:00 pm-Basic Obedience
October 19       8:30 pm-Basic Obedience
November 2     7:15 pm-Basic Obedience

 Wednesday in Redmond

September 7      8:30 pm-Advanced Obedience
September 21    7:15 pm-Basic Obedience
September 28    NO CLASSES
October 19         8:30 pm-Advanced Obedience

Thursday in Redmond
August 25            7:15 pm-Basic Obedience
September 29     NO CLASSES
October 13          8:30 pm-Basic Obedience
October 27          7:15 pm-Basic Obedience

 Sunday in Redmond 
September 4         NO CLASSES
September 18       12:30 pm-Basic Agility
September 18        3:30 pm-Advanced Agility
October 2               NO CLASSES
October 9               2:00 pm-Basic Agility
October 23            11:15 am-Basic Obedience
October 30             12:30 pm-Basic Agility
October 30             3:30 pm-Advanced Agility

Basic Obedience Class Agreement Advanced Obedience Class Agreement Basic Agility Class Agreement


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